Pinewood Derby Days

About Pinewood Derby Days

Welcome to Our Sixth Annual Pinewood Derby Days!

2023-24 Season

Michael’s Woodshop has a well-defined process for Cub Scouts to create their pinewood derby cars. The process begins with a safety briefing and is designed for Cub Scouts to be hands on throughout the process. At the end of their session, Cub Scouts will leave Michael’s Woodshop with a paint ready car.

Early Season Discounts Apply for Sessions Held Before Dec 31

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How to Participate

Open Registration Sessions

Our open registration sessions are designed to provide individual Cub Scouts or small groups with the opportunity to design and build their cars. Cub Scout age siblings are welcome to participate. Sessions will open for registration beginning on September 1. Session dates are subject to change before registration begins.

Individualized Sessions

We are happy to accommodate youth who require more individualized assistance. Please email our volunteers at for more information.

Schedule Your Own Pack or Den Session

We offer Full Pack Sessions (up to 4 hrs./18 to 28 Cub Scouts), 1/2 Pack Sessions (up to 2 hours/10 to 16 Cub Scouts) and Den Sessions (up to 2 1/2 hrs./6 to 10 Cub Scouts – weeknights only). Please see our fee schedule for pricing (including our early season discounts).

Important Notes for All Participants

All participants should review our PWD Session Participant Information sheet in advance of their scheduled session.

Available Weekend Dates for Pack and 1/2 Pack Sessions

Listed below are weekend dates/times currently set aside to host Pack PWD sessions during the main season (Dec-early Feb). “AM” sessions are 8am-noon and “PM” sessions are 1-5pm. Unless otherwise noted, available times may be reserved for either Full Pack or 1/2 Pack sessions. Although not always shown, we can occasionally host sessions on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. PWD Sessions can be scheduled before December and may also be scheduled on weekdays (such as school holidays) for Pack sessions and on weeknights for Den sessions. Please refer to the Shop Calendar to view all dates that may be available. Our calendar is quite full, but we occasionally have openings which may not appear in the list below. Please email us if you have any questions about potential dates/times for unit Pinewood Derby sessions.

We process schedule requests in the order received, so please select a primary date and one or two alternate dates in case one or your dates is taken. We will endeavor to update this list promptly as reservations are made.

Dec 2 (AM)

Dec 3 (PM)

Dec 9 (AM)

Dec 9 (PM)

Dec 10 (3-5PM)*

Dec 16 (3-5PM)*

Dec 17 (PM)

Jan 6 (AM)

Jan 7 (AM)*

Jan 7 (PM)

Jan 13 (1-3PM)

Jan 13 (3-5PM)*

Jan 14 (PM)

Jan 20 (PM)**

Jan 21 (PM)

Jan 27 (PM)

Feb 3 (AM)

Feb 3 (PM)

Feb 4 (PM)*

Feb 10 (AM)

Feb 10 (PM)

* denotes 1/2 Pack Session only

** denotes time reserved for extended Pack sessions (>28 youth)