Bears Enjoy Their Baloo the Builder Adventure

Posted in Michael's Woodshop

March 5, 2021 by Dave Schneeman

In February, Bears from Pack 1601 had a great time completing their Baloo the Builder Adventure in Michael’s Woodshop. This activity was specifically developed for Bear Dens and provided the Bears with the opportunity to complete all of the requirements of the adventure:

Build a Fun Project! Build a Useful Project!
Apply a Finish
Learn About Tools
Practice Using Tools
Build Your Project!

The Bears actively participated in a discussion about shop and tool safety. They also learned about many useful tools to have in their tool box. They were given the opportunity to practice using a number of tools including a clamp, sanding block, hammer and nail punch and then applied these skills while working on their projects. In addition to their newfound skills and knowledge, each Bear left the woodshop with a fun Golf Tee Tic-Tac-Toe Board and their very own Cub Scout Tool Box. It was definitely a fun and memorable adventure in Michael’s Woodshop!

Michael’s Woodshop at Camp William B. Snyder is a great place for Scouts to create and learn. The Baloo the Builder Workshop is just one of many activities available in the wood shop. All programs in Michael’s Woodshop are run by a group of dedicated volunteers. With increasing demand for use of the shop, we are currently seeking to expand our roster of volunteers. In particular, we are seeking to add registered female adult leaders to the team to help support the increasing number of female youth participating in activities in Michael’s Woodshop.

For more information about the Baloo the Builder Workshop and other shop activities or to learn more about volunteer roles available, please visit the Michael’s Woodshop webpage or email any questions and requests to the volunteer team at