Watch Michael’s Woodshop Come to Life!

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If you have ever wondered about the power of volunteering and donations, we invite you to view this short series of slideshows that chronicle the creation of Michael’s Woodshop at Camp William B. Snyder.

Before: Storage Space, December 2017

The slideshows capture the development of underutilized storage space from bare steel walls to the incredible facility which exists today.  As you view the slideshows, please keep in mind that everything you see was created ENTIRELY through the skills and efforts of volunteers.  In addition, substantially all of the equipment and tooling in the shop has been acquired through generous donations from individuals and units within the NCAC Scouting community.  Please enjoy our slideshows and remember how much of a difference you can make!

Michael’s Woodshop is operated and maintained by a group of dedicated Volunteer Shop Stewards.  The Shop Stewards take great pride in the shop and are committed to providing high-quality program offerings to all NCAC youth.  We invite you to visit Michael’s Woodshop Webpage which has information about upcoming events, scheduling a unit activity, volunteering, our shop calendar, and more.

After: Michael’s Woodshop, December 2020

There are also many other ways to support Camp Snyder.  Individuals, small teams and large groups can participate in Service Days or schedule a Service Project.  If you have specialized skills or training, you can register these skills with the Camp Ranger to assist at camp as needs arise.

Please visit the Volunteering Webpage for information about how you can get involved.           

Come out and enjoy Michael’s Woodshop at Camp William B. Snyder!

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