250th Bear Completes Baloo the Builder Adventure

Posted in Michael's Woodshop

November 18, 2022 by David Schneeman

On November 5th, Bears from Pack 1160 completed their Baloo the Builder Adventure in Michael’s Woodshop. They learned about useful tools to have in their boxes and practiced using a number of tools including clamps, sanding blocks, hammers and nail punches. They made a golf tee game board as their “fun project” and after sanding, they applied a clear polyurethane finish. Finally, as their “useful project”, each Bear made their very own tool box. It was a couple of hours very well spent and not only did these Bears learn a few things and have some fun, they also earned the distinction of having among their Den the 250th Bear to complete the Baloo the Builder Adventure in Michael’s Woodshop!

Since introducing the Baloo the Builder and Webelos Build It Workshops, they have quickly become two of the most popular activities in the shop. These workshops are both great, hands-on activities that are fun, learning experiences for the Cub Scouts.

To learn more about these workshops and the many other shop activities available, please visit the Michael’s Woodshop webpage. Start planning now to schedule an activity for your unit in the spring.

All of the activities in Michael’s Woodshop are designed and supervised by a dedicated group of volunteers. With the high demand for woodshop activities, we are seeking additional volunteers to join the Woodshop Team. There are roles available for experienced woodworkers, Woodwork Merit Badge Counselors and both adult and youth assistants. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please see Join the Woodshop Team or email us for additional information.

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