50th Merit Badge Earned in Michael’s Woodshop

Posted in Michael's Woodshop

In November, Cole S. of Troop 424 attended his second merit badge session in Michael’s Woodshop and completed all of the requirements to earn the Woodwork merit badge. He arrived well prepared with materials and project plans and was able to make a DVD/game storage console, two versions of a cell phone stand and a bird house. While completing the requirements, Cole used a classic “brace and bit”, various saws, a hand plane and more. In his projects he demonstrated several incised cuts and built a project with beveled edges. Not only did he complete all of the requirements, he also earned the distinction of being the 50th Scout to earn the Woodwork merit badge in Michael’s Woodshop. Congratulations!

Earning the Woodwork merit badge requires a certain level of interest and dedication. In addition to learning about shop safety, first aid, tool sharpening and various aspects of lumber production, there are four projects to complete. Youth must demonstrate the use of certain tools, joinery and cutting techniques and project estimating skills. Scouts who earn this merit badge should take pride in their achievement.

Since early 2019, Michael’s Woodshop has offered two monthly merit badge sessions. The first session focuses on shop safety, first aid and the other “non-sawdust-making” requirements. The second session provides supervised shop time for Scouts to work on their projects. In addition to the scheduled monthly classes, Units with 3 or more youth interested in earning the merit badge may also arrange to hold their own merit badge sessions.

For more information about the merit badge classes, shop capabilities, upcoming events or reserving the shop, please visit the Michael’s Woodshop webpage. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email the volunteer team at MichaelsWoodshop.CWBS@gmail.com